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The Mystery at Confidencen

Welcome to a musical ghost story for the whole family to enjoy!

Where is the Queen’s crown? In a musical ghost story for the whole family we get to meet Queen Lovisa Ulrika, King Adolf Fredrik (he who ate too many semlas) and their theatre friends. Accompanied by live music and ghosts afraid of ghosts they are in search for the Queens crown that has mysteriously disappeared.

Mischievous, funny and a little bit creepy!

Director: Stefan Marling
Script: DivineOpera and Stefan Marling


The theatre directrice Jeanne Dulondel – Caroline Gentele
The primadonna Marie Baptiste – Gabriella Lambert-Olsson
A dodgy elf – Andreas Rodenkirchen
Queen Lovisa Ulrika – Victoria Power
King Adolf Fredrik – Andrej Nikolaev

Performed in Swedish. Recommended from 6 years.

This event will come back in 2023.