Confidencen Opera & Music Festival

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival

Festival Programme 2019



Acis & Galatea

– a pastoral about love and loss

When Georg Friedrich Händel wrote his opera in 1718 about the two lovers Acis and Galatea, he gave the characters and the story an abundance of great emotions and colour. The opera tells the story of the love between the mortal Acis and the sea-nymph Galatea. When the jealous Polyphemus kills Acis, Galatea transforms her lover into an immortal river spirit. With Confidencen’s intimate and magnificent space as a starting point, stage director Elisabeth Linton captures this work, which in Händel’s lifetime became one of his most beloved and performed.

Music: Georg Friedrich Händel
Text: John Gay / Alexander Pope
Conductor: Olof Boman
Director: Tine Topsøe
Costume design: Anna Kjellsdotter
With: Ylva Stenberg – Galatea, Hyojong Kim – Acis, Staffan Liljas – Polypheme, Jihan Shin – Damon
Chorus and Confidencen Opera & Music Orchestra
Tickets: 460 SEK
Duration:  –
Days of performance: 1/8, 3/8, 4/8, 10/8, 11/8, 14/8, 15/8,17/8, 18/8, 20/8, 21/8, 23/8, 24/8

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Dance performance

Ode for St. Cecilia’s day

– a choreographed concert performance

Pythagoras’ theory of harmonia mundi – that music was a central force behind the creation of the world – inspired the English poet John Dryden to write a text that was put to powerful and humoristic music from Georg Friedrich Händel’s pen in 1739 and now inspires us to a choreographed concert show in which the whole Confidencen theatre, both stage and auditorium, becomes a creative space for dancers, choir, soloists, instrumental soloists and orchestra.

As an audience member, you can move freely around the room and experience the music and movement from different places, or stay in your favourite spot and let yourself be surrounded by music and dance. After the show, we invite the audience to join the artists at the bar for more music, readings, singing and talking “en confidence”.

“From harmony, from heavenly harmony
This universal frame began.”

Conductor: Olof Boman
Choreographer: Satoshi Kudo
Confidencen Opera & Music Orchestra
With: Ylva Stenberg – soprano & Anders J Dahlin – tenor
Jonas Nordberg – theorbo/lute & Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann – cello
Dancers Stina Ahlberg & Anthony Lomuljo
Tickets: 360 SEK
Duration: Dance 70 minutes + bar afterwards
Days of performance: 6/8, 7/8, 8/8 at 7pm

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En Confidence

with Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann and Hannes Meidal

– A life journey with Johann Sebastian Bach’s cello suites

We know very little about why Johann Sebastian Bach composed his cello suites. But we know that his music has given countless people joy and comfort since the cellist Pablo Casals rediscovered and recorded the cello suites in the 1930s and made them known to a wider audience. This concert will be like a journey through life with one of Europe’s finest baroque musicians, Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann together with actor Hannes Meidal.

With: Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann, cello, Hannes Meidal, actor

Duration: 70 minutes
Day of performance: 3/8 at 3pm

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En Confidence

with Jonas Nordberg and Marika Lagercrantz

– The Persian poetry of the Morning Land meets the Italian lute music of the Evening Land

Jonas Nordberg is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after lutenists of our time and is acclaimed by critics for his dynamic, thoughtful and lyrical way of playing. Marika Lagercrantz is an actor who for many years, with passion and devotion, has given audiences the deep, human insights that can be reached through poetry and theatre.

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger wrote marvellous music for the lute in 17th century Italy. The Persian poets Rumi and Hafiz wrote marvellous poetry many hundred years earlier. Now they will come together on the Confidencen stage.

With: Jonas Nordberg, theorbo & Marika Lagercrantz, actor
Tickets: 260 SEK
Duration: 70 minutes
Day of performance: 10/8 at 3pm

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Underneath the orange trees

– on a treasure hunt through Europe with Johan Helmich Roman

Twice in his life the Swedish musician and composer Johan Helmich Roman was sent on educational journeys to Europe by the Swedish court. When he came back, he brought a treasure of music written by the hottest composers of 18th century Europe. Among them were Georg Friedrich Händel in London and Leonardo Leo and Benedetto Marcello in the country of orange trees, Italy. In the beautiful Orangery of the Ulriksdal Palace Park, after their winter’s sleep, the orange trees give room for this year’s festival orchestra performing some of the musical treasures from Roman’s journeys, but also music by our Swedish baroque master himself.

Musical director: Johan Lindström
Confidencen Opera & Music Orchestra
Tickets: 260 SEK
Length: 70 minutes
Days of performance: 11/8 at 1pm

NOTE: This performance is given in the Orangery!

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Sing along at Confidencen

Singing together has a long tradition in Sweden. The 18th century poet and songwriter Carl Michael Bellman performed on the Confidencen stage, possibly singing together with the audience. Now there is a chance to join in singing both his and other songwriters’ contribution to our Swedish song treasure. We will perhaps also discover that much of what we see as genuinely Swedish music has been borrowed in many places from other cultures and traditions.

Olof Boman, artistic director of the Confidencen Opera and Music Festival, is a dedicated choir leader and has invited folk musicians Lisa Rydberg and Lisa Långbacka as well as baritone Carl Ackerfeldt to a musical feast where everyone can sing along.

Sing along host: Olof Boman
With: Lisa Rydberg, violin, Lisa Långbacka, accordeon & Carl Ackerfeldt, baritone
Tickets: 260 SEK
Duration: 70 minutes
Day of performance: 24/8 at 3pm

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Family performance


Join in revealing the secrets of the theatre machinery and experience the story of Acis and Galatea!

Be the first to hear the tale of Acis and Galatea, and of the mysterious Polyphemus who lurks behind the scenes! We meet up in the foyer where we are introduced to the world of Baroque theatre and all its secrets. We will then get a sneak peek from the rehearsals of this summer’s opera performance, Acis and Galatea, and see how theatre magic can be created with a theatre machinery, costumes and make up!

With: TBA, Confidencen Opera & Music Orchestra and singers
Tickets: 120 SEK children / 160 SEK adults
Duration: 45 minutes
Performed: 26/7 at 11.15 and 27/7 at 11.15 & 12.30

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Welcome to a memorable excursion to Sweden’s oldest rococo theater. The boat trip takes you from Strandvägen in Stockholm, through the beautiful Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen and Stocksundet to Edsviken and Ulriksdal Palace. During the boat trip we will serve you a plate with Swedish delicacies. A buss will take you to Stockholm central station after the performance.

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